Terms & Conditions of Use

Key Terms


Cowedo, a common platform for sharing economy.


A person who has completed the Cowedo ID registration process


A sharing site that uses the Service for its service delivery.


Any individual or company that publish a goods or services using the service.


Any individual or company that purchases a service or item using the service.

Cowedo ID

You must register an Cowedo ID to get access to certain features on the Service. This includes the ability to
become a member of sites within the Cowedo Network, create listings and purchase goods and services.
You will also need a Cowedo ID to create a new site. When you register an account on the
Service you’ll become a Cowedo Member.

Due to this agreement, you agree to provide accurate, current and complete information about yourself
in the registration process. The information should be updated and kept accurate continuously.

Create Site

As a Member you are able to register an online sharing site. The owner of the site is responsible for operating
the site in accordance to the agreements’s guidelines, applicable laws and regulations.

Changes to the Service and Terms

Cowedo reserves the right to modify the site, the service and the terms, including the financial terms, at any time.
In case of changes in Terms, Cowedo will inform you either by email or post the modifications on the site.
The date of update will also be updated at the top of these terms. As a member of Cowedo you are indicating
that you agree to be bound by the new Terms by continuing to use the site after the notice of changes has been
posted or sent. Cowedo reserves the right to make changes and updates in the terms and conditions as the service
is part of a software-based platform. The platform is continually developing and new functionalities
and services will be added.


This site is only available for persons older than 16. By using this site you warrant that you are 16 or older.

User Conduct

As a member you acknowledge and agree that you are wholly responsible for compliance with any laws,
tax obligations, rules and regulations that are applicable to your activities on this platform. Members, Sites,
transactions, services or items that are in violation of this may be temporarily or permanently
blocked from the Service. Cowedo reserves the right to block content that violates the ethical standards of the


You agree to the Cowedo Privacy Policy about processing and storage of your personal data.
The Privacy Policy will be updated from time to time. See the Privacy Policy here.


As a member you will be able to post, upload and publish content. By making any content available on the Site,
you grant to Cowedo an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive and transferable right to use, view,
copy, adapt, modify, publicly display and distribute the content to promote the site.

Limitation of Liability

You agree that all liabilities arising from the booking of services, contact with other users on the platform, and all other activities you perform when accessing the Site, remains with you. Cowedo is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages and other disputes that may arise between you and a third party. Cowedo is not liable for financial losses incurred by the customer at the conditions that the company could not reasonably have foreseen as a possible breach of contract. This includes loss of data or other technical faults that disrupt the operation of the services. Cowedo is only liable for the loss caused to the
client due to gross negligence or willful misconduct. The user is obliged to limit these losses. Cowedo disclaims all forms of guarantees in terms of availability, marketability of services and the platform’s suitability for different purposes.

Termination and Cancellation

Cowedo reserves the right to terminate or cancel your access to the platform. This may occur without cause and at any time.

Financial Terms

It’s free to register an account on this platform. Cowedo is a transaction-based service. That means Cowedo claim a certain percentage of all transactions. This percentage varies depending on the Site and the services provided.