Simplifying sharing for everyone.

Our mission is to create a common platform for the sharing economy, enabling anyone to create new sharing applications without coding, where the end users of the platform can act both as sellers and buyers across all sharing applications.

The world's natural resources are under high pressure and it is critical for the environment and climate that we find better ways to utilize them. The shift from a throwaway society to a circular economy requires changes in consumer behaviours, design and production. We believe that digitalisation and the use of sharing economy services is an important part of this.

At the same time, we know that it is both costly, time-consuming and a great deal of uncertainty associated with starting new digital sharing applications. Large investments in, among other things, technology are no guarantee that enough people will use new services. The new sharing economy is still in an early stage, where many prefer to own rather than rent.

By giving innovative people and organizations access to critical infrastructure and technology for setting up new digital sharing services, Cowedo will take a position as a catalyst for better resource utilization. In addition, we work to make it both easier and more attractive for people to share so that we can change the current consumption pattern.

Today, there is very little collaboration between existing platforms in sharing and circular economy (marketplaces). We want to simplify and improve the user experience by allowing end users to act as both buyers and sellers across all marketplaces built on Cowedo. With one user and access to a large volume of services from different types of marketplaces, Cowedo will make sharing a more attractive alternative.

For example, imagine a holiday in Lofoten; booking accommodation, renting a private car and booking deep sea fishing with a local fisherman, all in one package. We believe that a lower climate footprint and access to unique, local services and experiences will create added value for our end users.

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