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Our mission is to create a common platform for the sharing economy, enabling anyone to create new sharing applications without coding, where the end users of the platform can act both as sellers and buyers across all sharing applications.

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Are you inspired by services like AirBnB and Uber and got a great sharing idea? We would like to hear from you! You got the idea, we got the technology. Let's do it together!

What is Cowedo?

Cowedo is developing a common platform for sharing. With Cowedo, anyone can create a sharing economy marketplace, and end users of the platform can act both as providers and consumers across all marketplaces.

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Developing a sharing platform from scratch can cost your business valuable time and resources. Using Cowedo you can launch your platform and start learning.

Your concept

Who are your users?
What do you want your users to share on your marketplace, and how is the user journey?
You know your concept and we provide the building blocks to get you from pitch to platform.

Your design

We offer a flexible design-tool so you can get the look and feel that fit your brand and platform.

No code

Focus on the parts of the business you’re good at and what brings value to your customers.


Your success is our success. 
We will always work hard to improve our product and ensure great user experience.

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