Cowedo Global Privacy

General information

All information being registered in the Cowedo service is registered on a volunteer basis. Cowedo AS,
the Company, is the responsible data processor for using the personal data appropriately.

Company Address: Tordenskiolds gate 3 c/o MESH, 0160 Oslo

Key Terms

Personal Data

Recorded information about an identifiable individual that may include name, home address,
email address, telephone number, pictures and ID number.


A supplier of sharing services utilizing the Cowedo platform. This is an agreement between
Cowedo and the service based on certain conditions.

The Company

Cowedo is the responsible party for using the private data appropriately.

Data The Company may receive, store and process the following data:

• Geographic position
• Name
• Address
• Email
• Telephone number
• Date of birth/ID number
• Preferences
• Payment information
• Images / photographs
• IP addresses
• Booking information
• Transaction information
• Free text fields
• Usage history

How Cowedo use the data

Improving the user experience

The data will be used to improve the user experience of the Cowedo platform. This will be apparent by the constant improvement of for example registration of the user’s preferences when it comes to web and mobile units and how the technical solutions on the platform can adapt to these preferences.

Understanding trends

The Company also collects information to understand the market trends. The analysis will be used to develop the services.


The Company aims to offer you the most relevant experience at any point in time. Information such as personal preferences and geographic position is necessary. This requires personal data from each user.

Billing information

Billing information will be collected and used to enable the payment processes.

Payment and Transaction records

The information will be used to keep track and records of all the payments and transactions being processed.

System administration

It’s important for the Company to remain the control of all the activities performed.
Monitoring will therefore be necessary. System administration will be available for authorized staff only.

System development and continuous improvement:

Information such as usage history, preferences and transaction history will be important information for taking the right choices when developing the system. The system will be continuously developing and existing functionality will be improved.

Service management

Your information is necessary to administrate customers and providers.
This includes, among other things, reports and customer follow-up.


Information being collected will be used to analyze the usage of the Service. Read more about how we collect the information under “Technology, analytics tools and cookies”.

Sharing and disclosing of data

The Company will not sell information about the users to any third party. The Company may share information about the Service, including user information, with entities such as Cowedo Marketplaces and third party companies that provide services for us.

The Company will as far as possible anonymize the information before being shared. Some information may still be shared without anonymization. Examples of such situations are requests of disclosure of information from public authorities and the insurance company. In these cases, it will be signed a DPA (Data Processing Agreement) to ensure that your information will be treated securely and not shared with others.

Securing your personal information

• All passwords will be encrypted before processing and when stored in the database.
• All personal information is transmitted via Transport Layer Security (TLS)/HTTPS.
• Cowedo utilizes firewall services provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to protect the database.
• Backup of all the databases is stored in secure servers. Access for authorized staff only.
• The databases are set up in replica with multiple physical locations

How long we process the data The personal data will be stored and processed as long as it’s used for the relevant purpose. Personal data processed without any purpose will be deleted.

Technology, analytics tools and cookies


Cookies and other similar technologies will be used to map the user’s activity and habits on the platform. The purpose of the tools is to improve the user experience of our services. The session Cookies will normally stop by closing the browser. The persistent Cookies could continue and the information will be used the next time the user visits the platform.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool provided by Google that generates detailed statistics of all the visitors on the platform. Among others, the purpose of the tool will be to track and register clicks on the platform.

How to safeguard your rights

The right to review

As a registered user of Cowedo you have the right to review the Personal Information being processed and stored by Cowedo and what kind of safety the Company has implemented.

The right to change and delete

In case of wrong, deficient or irrelevant information you have the right to change or delete the information. The Company will edit or delete the information. Irrelevant information that no longer is used for the purpose shall be deleted.